History of Alterations & Additions

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G2DSP 10 GHz Wideband Tranceiver

G2DSP Gunn Oscillator Power Supply

G4ETU 10 GHz Wideband Tranceiver





10 GHz Cavity Wavemeter

10 GHz Detector

10 GHz Gunn Oscillator and Cross Coupler

10 GHz JVL Mixer Transverter

10 GHz Mixer, IF pre-amp and Wavemeter

10 GHz Self Calibrating Wavemeter

10 GHz Signal Source

10 GHz 'Solfan' Wideband Tranceiver

10 GHz WB Tranceiver

1296 MHz Parametric Amplifier

20 dB 10 GHz Horn

20 dB 24 GHz Horn

23 cm Converter

24 GHz Cavity Wavemeter

24 GHz Self Calibrating Wavemeter

2K25 Klystron and Mount

3.4 GHz Power Amplifier

5.7 GHz JVL Transverter

70 MHz IF Strip

G2DSP 24 GHz Tranceiver

G8AZU 10 GHz Gunn Oscillator

Gunn Power Supply and Modulator

Marker Generator up to 10 GHz

MBE-21 Technology Demonstrator

Plessey GDHM32 24 GHz Gunn Oscillator

Tom Hook G8DPB


A Simple Method of Microwave Frequency Measurement

A Simple Waveguide Feed for Short Focal Length Dishes

An Assortment of WG16 Components

Cavity Locking of Gunn Oscillators

Designing Paraboloids

Designing Paraboloids

Designs for 10GHz Bandpass Filters

Gunn Diodes at 10,000 MHz

High Quality UHF Source for Microwaves

Locate - A Computer Program 1971 style

Microwave Associates 10 GHz Transceiver

Modifications to the JVL Transverter Design

Operating Portable on the Cockayne Ridge

Putting Together Waveguide Components

The GM3OXX Portable 3cm Tranceiver

The JVL Transceiver Mixer

The JVL Transceiver Mixer - in Detail

Travelling Wave Amplifiers

Varactors and Parametric Amplification

Wayne Kerr Wavemeter

Whither 10 GHz Wideband


10.100 GHz Personal Wideband Beacon


723A/B Klystron

Cross Channel Microwave, 1934 Style



KS9-20D Klystron

PW EXE as Built by G8LSD

PW EXE Original Article

Siemens RW3 Travelling Wave Tube

The Mullard CL8630 Gunn Oscillator

The Range Max Gunn Oscillator

The Solfan Doppler Modules

The Wessex Doppler Modules

V233A/1K Heil Tube

Varian X band TWT VA6152

VHF Field Day 1968
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