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G8GKV with his equipment at the Chalk Pits Museum in 1981.

In the March 1981 issue of Practical Wireless Alan Martin G8ZPW visited the Chalk Pits Museum at Amberley, West Sussex for the museum's first Radio Communications Day.

Part of the equipment on display was two sets of 10 GHz wideband equipment. The set-up on the left of the picture belonged to Ernie Hoare G3RZD and that on the right to Ern Downer G8GKV. It is G8GKV who is pictured above.

In 1985 it was G2DSP and G8GKV who assisted new microwavers in the Sussex Downs area to set-up and test their gear. In particular it was stations running the Practical Wireless PW EXE who were entering the band in the mid 1980s.

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