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10 GHz Portable in 1968

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The picture is taken from the cover of the October 1968 Radio Communication magazine. The caption reads:- In VHF National Field Day, the Purley and District Radio Club successfully set up a 3 cm (10,000 MHz) microwave station. Most of the equipment was constructed by G8ASV (operating the equipment behind the large dish), and runs a 723A/B klystron. The member on the right is G3WDY.
By enhancing the image it is possible to reveal additional details of the equipment. The equipment mounted within the frame on the roof of the mini is klystron based and the dish feed appears to be open waveguide into a convex sub-reflector. The sub reflector is fitted to the waveguide with rods and a sliding mount for fine adjustment.
The base of the frame houses the valve based power supply. The size of the mains transformer suggests that the equipment is powered from a generator.
The dish is fed via a convex sub reflector that could be hemi-spherical or parabolic, this sub-reflector then feeds the main dish. This feed arrangement is similar to that used in the 1934 cross channel link. The valve based power supply can be seen on the ground as can the speaker.

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