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10 GHz 'Solfan' Wide-band Tranceiver

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This 10 GHz wide-band tranceiver uses a Solfan in-line module as the RF head and was built by G3IPP in the early 1980's. The novel twin interlocking die-cast box construction makes for a compact design with the potential for interchangeable RF modules.

The two boxes lock together at the back. The speaker is built-in to the main box. Note the absence of any mechanical tuning arrangement on the Solfan box.

The main tranceiver box features the normal tone facility and signal meter. The Solfan head does not have provision for a varactor diode for electrical tuning so the tuning range seems to be based on a tunable IF only.

The Jackson multipole plug connects the units electrically.

The controls are all clearly presented on the front panel.

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