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Tom Hook G8DPB

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Tom Hook G8DPB (now a silent key) of Dagenham became involved in microwaves as a result of of his engineering skills. In the mid 1970's some of his work was featured on the Havering Radio Club stand at the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) RSGB exhibition and from this he was asked if he could make parts for microwave equipment. Examples of his microwave work in this collection include 20 dB 10 GHz Horn, 20 dB 24 GHz Horn, 10 GHz Self Calibrating Wavemeter, 24 GHz Self Calibrating Wavemeter, 10 GHz Gunn Oscillator and Cross Coupler and 10 GHz Detector.
His engineering skills were vastly underestimated and the use of his lathe must have been very difficult as Tom was registered blind. With his extremely limited vision he used a watch-makers eyeglass to adjust the settings on his lathe and to aid his vision generally at very short distances. It must have taken him a very long time to make items such as wave-meters, gunn oscillators, detectors and horn antennas. An example of his engineering skill was evident in the 10GHz self-calibrating wavemeter that he made, for not only did he make the body of the instrument but also the micrometer as well. Tom finally made himself a 10 GHz wide-band system and used to operate from Beachy Head with another amateur, who also drove him there and helped him setup on site. Sadly Tom passed away many years ago but it's surely time to recognise the amazing skills that he possessed.

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